Trombone teachers of the MusiPæd Winter Course are Jesper Juul & Håkan Björkman!

Jesper Juul Windahl received his education as a trombonist at the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, and furthered his studies in i Paris, Chicago, and London, as well as The Royal Danish Academy of Music. At 23 years old, Jesper took the position of first solo trombonist at The Danish National Symphony Orchestra, and has held the position since then. He teaches trombone and is responsible for the brass department at RDAM.

Håkan Björkman’s professional career started in the Stockholm Symphonic Wind Orchestra in 1993 as the first trombone and assistant euphonium player. After three years, he won the job to the Royal Opera Orchestra in Stockholm and held the position as principal trombone for fifteen years. Since 2010, Håkan is principal trombone in the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. He is also frequently asked for different festivals around the world and plays solo regularly.

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