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VOKSENÅSEN music academies

MUSICAL meeting places for talent development

The Music Academies is a set of courses and talent programs for classically trained young musicians. There are programs for strings, winds, voice, chamber music and composers.








Our philosophy is learning through creative meetings. We believe that everyone, regardless of musical level and age, has something to teach others, and can learn from others. By meeting others in a safe, curated and creative place, we are able to become better musicians – and even better human beings.

ethical guidelines

Voksenåsen Music Academies follow the same guidelines for ethical conduct in education as Norwegian universities and colleges. For an example, please visit Norwegian Academy of Music.

Sexual harassment
Voksenåsen Summer Academy operates with a zero tolerance against any kind of unwanted sexual attention or harassment. If you experience, or if you are witness to, unwanted sexual attention or harassment, we want you to contact the on-duty staff immediately.

You can also contact the head of Voksenåsen Summer Academy,
Anna Floren – anna@voksenaasen.no +47 416 95 189 or Voksenåsen’s CEO, Maria af Klinteberg Herresthal – maria@voksenaasen.no +47 900 10 546.

Alcohol policy
Voksenåsen is a hotel with a license to serve alcohol. As such, we follow the Norwegian national regulations on how to serve alcohol. We do not serve or allow students under the age of 18 to drink alcohol on any occasion. Regardless of age, we will not serve persons clearly under the influence of alcohol. Teachers and coordinators at the Summer Academy are encouraged to be good role models.


what our students say

“Voksenåsen Composer Academy has worked incredibly well for me as a composer in the beginning of my career. Being a participant in the Composer Academy has given me more than it is fully possible to describe, as it has opened a lot of important doors for me as a composer, and given me the access to some parts of the field that could have taken me years to get to on my own.”

Photo: Sara Angelica Spilling

Anna berg

Participant Voksenåsen Composer Academy

About Voksenåsen

Voksenåsen – A NATIONAL GIFT

Voksenåsen is the National gift to Sweden from Norway as a token of gratitude for the humanitarian aid during the Second World War.

Voksenåsen is run as a centre for Swedish – Norwegian cooperation and Cultural centre and is owned by the Swedish Ministry of Culture.


Voksenåsen´s mandate is to enhance cooperation between Swedes, Norwegians, and the Nordics within society, culture and language. This should be done with a special emphasis on youth, international and intercultural exchange and gender equality.

Voksenåsen arranges seminars, courses, exhibitions, talks, concerts and conferences as a way to fulfil its mission of putting Nordic cooperation on the map and bring people closer together.

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Voksenåsen – Ullveien 4 NO-0791 Oslo, Norway
summeracademy@voksenaasen.no / +47 22 81 15 00