Photo: Bård Gundersen

Meet our Artistic Directors for Summer Academy 2023; Randi Stene, Andreas Sunden, and Peter Herresthal.

Randi Stene is Artistic Director for the vocal programme which takes place week 1 (July 31st- Aug 4th). Week 1 also includes a course for junior talents. Randi is currently the Artistic Director for The Norwegian National Opera and has had an impressive career as one of Scandinavias most prominent opera singers of her generation.

Andreas Sundén Artistic Director for the winds programme which takes place week 2 (Aug 7th- Aug 11th). Andreas is one of Scandinavia’s most prominent clarinetists of his generation. He’s been a solo clarinetist for several leading European Orchestras including the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. He is currently solo clarinetist for the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, professor at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and at Ingesund School of Music.

Peter Herresthal Artist Director for the strings programme which takes place week 2 (Aug 7th- Aug 12th). Peter is an award-winning violinist and has appeared for orchestras and ensembles worldwide. He has worked closely with composers such as Per Nørgård, Thomas Ades, Kaija Saariaho and Henri Dutilleux, and is known for his interprerations of contemporary violin concertos. Peter is a professor at The Norwegian Academy of Music, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, and visiting professor at The Royal College of Music in London and NYU Steinhard School in New York.

Remember to apply by April 16th.