Together with Sparebankstiftelsen, the Norwegian Academy of Music, and other teaching foundations, the Voksenåsen Winter Academy presents a holistic approach to talent development for classical singers. The Artistic Leader of the Winter Academy is mezzo-soprano and Director of Oslo Opera, Randi Stene.

This year’s focus at the Winter Academy is: what it takes to achieve a career as a professional singer, and how to help students develop the qualities, knowledge, and professional experience needed to succeed. During the course, pedagogues will work on how to help students with topics such as practice, vocal and physical fitness, preparation for auditions, and mental training.

For the eighth year in a row, Susanna Eken joins Randi Stene at Voksenåsen Winter Academy to share their knowledge and experiences with colleagues from Norway and the Nordics. Bo Huniche is unfortunately unable to attend this years course, but we are lucky to have Lise Davidsen and Stefan Herheim join us through a Teams call from London and Vienna. Maria Berglund will lecture Sunday morning.

Åshild Kyvik Bauge, mezzo-soprano and teacher at Norway’s Academy of Music, Barratt Due Music Institute, and Rud High School, and Kristin Kjølberg, singer and singing teacher at the Norwegian Academy of Music, will present their newly written book.

About Åshild Kyvik Bauge and Kristin Kjølberg’s book:

Every voice is unique and personal. That’s why this book on vocal training is titled ‘The Signature of the Voice.’ The book delves into the various technical and artistic elements inherent in vocal training. The authors approach the field of singing with a holistic perspective, as exemplified through the Signature Model. This model focuses on the individual qualities of the student and their ownership of their own vocal development.

In ‘The Signature of the Voice,’ the reader is introduced to a wide range of topics in vocal studies through theory and methodology, brought to life with concrete examples from students. The book is intended for students of singing and vocal pedagogy, practicing vocal instructors, choir conductors, and anyone interested in vocal development and training.

There will also be specialized vocal massages for those who wish with Maria Berglund. Book an appointment through this link: https://system.easypractice.net/book/stemmespesialisten#choose-where


The course is aimed at vocal pedagogues, and is also suitable for the following levels:

  • pre-college
  • university students
  • young professionals
  • teachers at secondary and university level
  • speech therapists and speech therapy students


The course will consist of both lectures, demonstrations, teaching and conversations. It will take place in Norwegian and Danish.

Registration deadline: 14 December 2023

Day tickets and tickets with accommodation can be purchased through Ticketco.

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